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You write in order to change the world ... if you alter, even by a millimetre, the way people look at reality, then you can change it

As a medium of reflection, writing endows us with the ability to contemplate multiple aspects of life, to convey feeling and enrich the lives of others. At Mangotsfield, we consider every child an author and we promote a positive ethos, where children are able to develop their love of literacy and literature. During their time here, our learners will have plentiful opportunities to write across the curriculum and apply taught skills in a nurturing and safe environment. Through refined discussions, purposeful outcomes and the celebration of learners’ achievements, we foster a culture of writing for pleasure. Additionally, high-quality texts form the spine for our writing curriculum, allowing learners to access models of excellence whilst developing their own style of writing. High yet achievable expectations support our learners in building a foundation for a community of writers.

Curriculum Documents - Writing

Knowledge & Skill Progression Book Spines 


In Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, children use their phonics skills to spell words as well as learning the High Frequency words (including tricky words). As children progress through the school, they are taught spelling rules and patterns. All children are assessed on the rules and patterns they have been taught each term, with the expectation that they apply them in their independent writing. Common Exception Words are also shared with parents and children, on the school website, and are expected to be built upon throughout the year. 

Spelling Rationale 2019 

Spelling Guide for Parents