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Supporting Your Child With The Transition Back To School


After any period of absence from school, it can be difficult to return. On this page you will find a story and some activities to read and complete with your children that might help alleviate some of these worries. 



Harry the Hound Returns to School

In this pack you will find a story about Harry the Hound as he prepares to return to school. He is feeling worried but is very excited to see his friends again. 

Also in this pack are some worksheet activities. They include listing what needs to be prepared, what feelings your child might have towards being back at school and remembering the things they are really good at. 



Returning to School - Social Story

Social stories are most effective when they are read with children on a regular basis i.e. daily. This helps to guide their thinking as well as making situations such as returning to school more predictable. The associated visuals will also support understanding.





What is a Social Bubble?