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Mangotsfield Primary School

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing During Lockdown

It has been a challenging time for everyone adjusting to this new reality of lockdowns and partial school closures. One challenge is presented in managing home learning alongside working parents and day to day family life.


Another can be around managing children’s anxieties about why the world outside no longer feels safe.

Whilst we may not be working with all of you in school at the moment, we want to continue supporting our school community as best we can.



Supporting individual children

The pastoral team are offering mentoring and support to children in school and have been reaching out to children at home on the phone and via zoom. If you feel that your child might benefit from this, please let your children’s class teacher know.



Family Support

Tracey Ball is our School Family Support Worker who acts as a point of contact for families in need of additional support.

Your child’s Class Teacher is always on hand as a first point of contact, but some areas she may be able to support further in could be:


  • Behaviour support at home and in school.
  • Family circumstances that may affect your child, for example, parental separation, bereavement etc.
  • Friendship issues.
  • Emotional concerns, anger, anxiety etc.
  • Medical/health concerns.
  • Signposting to external agencies, for example School Nurse, Social Services support, parent support groups etc.



5 ways to look after your child’s mental health:



Take notice of how they are feeling:
encourage children 
to share how they are feeling. Speaking as a family is especially important at this time.   





Keeping active: Being active releases happy endorphins around the body and can help you feel more positive. Team Mango would love to see photos of you enjoying a walk, cycle ride, time on a trampoline if you have one or following an exercise video on You Tube.





Give to each other and yourself: Time to talk, sharing ways to keep positive, time to relax.





Having a routine: Having a routine can help a child feel comfortable and safe during uncertain times. Talk with your child and make your own timetable for the day. Make sure you include both work and  relaxing / fun activities. 





  1. Connect: Set up zoom or other video calling play dates –giving children the chance to socialise virtually. Connect with your teacher via class dojo. Enjoy time as a family that is focused on fun. Older children may benefit from completing learning together via video call.





Below are some links which you may also find useful in supporting your children and family during these challenging times:




Tips, advice and where to get support for your child's mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


An excellent FREE Thrive-Online Parent Toolkit, especially designed for parents and children aged 4 to 11 years old.



Support and advice for many matters including anxiety, sleep, wellbeing and grief/bereavement.



Relaxation Activities


Distraction Activities





Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email Admin@mangoschool.org or phone 01454 867400