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Mangotsfield Primary School

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Please find some links and resources to help support Mental Health and Wellbeing.  

Support for Individual Learners

The pastoral team offer mentoring and support to learners in school. If you feel that your child might benefit from this, please let their class teacher know.

Family Support

Tash Ralph is our School Family Support Worker and acts as a point of contact for families in need of additional support. She may be able to support you with: 

Behaviour support at home and in school.

Family circumstances that may affect your child, for example, parental separation, bereavement etc.

Friendship issues.

Emotional concerns, anger, anxiety etc.

Medical/health concerns.

Signposting to external agencies, for example School Nurse, Social Services support, parent support groups etc. 

Top Tips to Support Mental Health

Take notice of how they are feeling: encourage children to share how they are feeling. Speaking as a family is especially important.   



Keep Active: Being active releases happy endorphins around the body and can help you feel more positive.

Give: Time to talk, sharing ways to keep positive, time to relax. 

Routine: Having a routine can help learners to feel comfortable and safe. 

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