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A book can’t change the world on its own. But a book can change readers. And readers? They can change the world.

Great books not only help us understand, they help us feel understood. At Mangotsfield, reading is at the heart of our curriculum, connecting learning through rich texts to inspire our learners and contribute to their understanding and appreciation of the diverse world around them. We provide our learners with a literacy-rich environment to foster a love of reading and we are committed to enabling our learners to become lifelong readers. Our intention is for learners to read fluently and accurately for pleasure and purpose and have the skills to achieve textual understanding across a wide range of text types.

Curriculum Documents

Knowledge & Skill Progression Book Spine Reading for Pleasure

Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary knowledge is one of the key components to textual understanding and is crucial to learning across the whole curriculum. Research has shown broadening vocabularies is an effective strategy for our vulnerable learners and also remains important for our context, stretching learners. By the time a child is four, it is believed there could be as much as a 30 million word gap between those living in higher and lower income families.

Vocabulary can broken down into 3 tiers. At Mangotsfield, our vocabulary instruction is focused on tier 2 and 3 vocabulary.

At Mangotsfield, we use a SEC model for vocabulary instruction: Select, Explore, Consolidate.



This is the planning stage where teachers choose the vocabulary the learners will explore.


The explore stage is the instruction, guided and independent practice in class.


In order to learn and retain these words they must be retrieved to combat the forgetting curve and allow stronger links to be made within the long-term memory.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening opportunities are purposefully woven throughout our curriculum from EYFS to Year Six. Good oral work enhances pupils' understanding of language, in both oral and written forms, and of the way language can be used to communicate. As children develop, we foster their understanding of speech and their abilities to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in words.

Please approach your child's class teacher if you have any further questions.

Useful Websites and Resources

KS1 Book Ideas organised by genre - a fantastically easy-to-access resource which gives suggestions of books for KS1 pupils based on their interests. 

KS2 Book Ideas organised by author - alternative books to read if you like stories by a particular author. Use the key to select your favourite author and then follow the corresponding coloured line to see a range of titles by similar authors.