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Mangotsfield Primary School

Parents' / Carers' role

 Educating children is a partnership between home and school. With the active support of parents, a child is much more likely to achieve his or her full potential. You can help in the following ways:


Ensure your child gets plenty of sleep so that they can function at their best.


Keep the lines of communication open with us. Let us know if there are circumstances outside school of which we need to be aware. If you are worried about something, come in and discuss it with us. We will always contact you if we have any concerns whether it be related to work, emotions or behaviour. Please make sure that you read our weekly Newsletter – it always contains important dates, reminders and information of which you need to be aware.

Homework and Reading

Working independently is an important skill which not only encourages self-discipline, but also complements work done in class. We set homework for all year groups to not only support work completed in class but also to encourage self-discipline as the children get older. Details are shared on each class’ webpage. We ask you to provide a quiet work area, a lot of encouragement and enough time so that homework can be completed well. Parents play a crucial part in the reading process and we ask that you wholeheartedly support our high expectations by finding the time and space to read at home at least five times a week.



We request your support in ensuring that your son or daughter is always correctly dressed.



In order to learn, children need to be in school so we ask for your support in making sure your child is in school as much as is possible. Please telephone the school office if your child is going to be absent; one of our secretaries will call you if any absence is unexplained.

Please try to make appointments with doctors and dentists  at times which minimise the learning your child misses.

 Holidays should be taken in holiday times – we never authorise term time holidays unless there are really exceptional circumstances.  See our Attendance Policy.

Please read our attendance leaflet

Home School Agreement

Recent legislation requires schools to have a Home School Agreement. Please see link below.

Home School Agreement


Please name everything that your child wears to school including socks.  Every school suffers from the nightmare of lost property.  We are no different.  It is very costly in terms of replacing lost items as well as staff time spent trying to find owners for unclaimed clothing.  So that our lost property pile does not become a mountain, property unclaimed after a suitable time is donated to charity.


In order to keep the children safe, we ask that you do not enter the school building other than via the main school office. Please could you respect this rule. All adults are asked to wear a school lanyard to show their presence has been authorised.

Although we allow photography at special events, we do so on the proviso that you focus your attention on your child and that you never post any images of any children, other than your own, on social network sites. 


We always welcome parents (and grandparents) who have a few hours to spare and would like to help with reading, photocopying, filing etc. If you work, then our home and school association Friends of Mangotsfield Primary School (FOMPS) would be grateful for any support offered.


We use a text-messaging service for important child-specific messages. If we have an important message that is applicable to your child, we will send a text to the number registered.

Visiting school

Parents’ evenings are currently held in the Autumn and Spring terms and throughout the year we hold snap-shot mornings designed to allow you to support your child’s learning at home. Parents’ Evenings are formal opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s progress. We also hold a more informal chance for you to share any issues which may have arisen once you have received your child's end of year report in July.

To encourage parents/carers to feel welcome in our school, we have adopted an ‘open door policy’ at the beginning of each new academic year. During the first week from 3.25pm until 4pm, we keep our doors open to give the chance for parents to pop into school, familiarise themselves with their child’s new classroom and to have a chat with the class teacher if needed.

At either the end of the summer term or the beginning of the new academic year all parents/carers will be invited to a ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting to speak with your child's new class teacher. The teachers will discuss academic expectations as well as running through pastoral aspects, such as what you need to do if you have a worry or a concern. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have about the school year ahead.


There is only limited parking in and around the school so please walk to school whenever possible. If it is necessary to bring your car, please park with consideration for our neighbours and drive carefully with the safety of the children in mind. We cone off areas at the front of school; this is for the use of parents with disabled children or for coaches we have booked. Please do not park in the coned off area even if it is not apparent what it is for.  

Our school car park has a clearly marked disabled parking space within the gates and, in the event of needing to use this, access to the school site can be pre-arranged with the school office staff. 

 Dropping Off and Pick Ups

There will be a member of staff supervising the children in the school playground from 8.35am. Children should not arrive before this time if they are not with a parent.  Pre-school children are the responsibility of their parents when they are on the school site. Please could you ensure that your child stays off the playground climbing equipment on their way in and out of school as it is out of bounds.

 Due to the numbers of people on the playground at the start and end of the day, please could you ensure that all bikes, scooters and skateboards are dismounted at the gate and pushed or carried on the playground area. Your child can leave their scooter or bike in our bike shed.