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Mangotsfield Primary School

Parent Governor Election

Name : Jonny Herring

Candidate’s Statement: https://vimeo.com/552429420

Hello, my name is Jonny. I am married to Charlotte and we have four children, two already at Mangotsfield (one in Year 3 and one in Year 1) and one starting in September. Our youngest child will start in 2024. As a parent I am passionate about my children enjoying all that school has to offer them, both inside and outside of the classroom, and I am grateful for the really positive experience that my children are having as part of Team Mango.

I am the minister of the Village Church, Emersons Green and I have been for a number of years. Before that I was a Primary School Teacher in Wotton-under-Edge. I loved my time as a teacher and the opportunity to get involved as a Parent Governor at Mangotsfield seems too good to miss! I believe that my experience as a teacher and as a minister have equipped me for this position. As well as working well with both children and adults, building positive relationships, being an enthusiastic team member and team leader, my experience means that I understand some of the privileges and the pressures that come with a teaching job. As a minister I care for a congregation of people; I have to be good at listening and public speaking, and I enjoy the challenge of communicating clearly and creatively. I am sure I would be able to contribute a lot of these skills and qualities to the role of Parent Governor whilst being a great support to both parents and staff at Mangotsfield.


Name : Jo Raper

Candidate’s Statement: https://vimeo.com/552428782

I have been a parent Governor for the last 4 years, and I am standing for re-election as I would like to continue to contribute to improve outcomes for our children and to the success of our school. I have 2 children at the school, in Years 2 and 5.

I am a committed and conscientious individual with a background in systems development and data analysis. I have a variety of skills and experiences that are important to the role, including building relationships with a range of people, interpreting data and considering the bigger strategic picture. Through my role as a school Governor, I have gained experience of education, school finance and primary curriculum. I have a willingness to learn and have trained in various relevant areas including Improving the well-being of young people and Safeguarding.

In my 4 year term as parent Governor, I have been an active member of multiple sub-committees which have focussed on the school budget and accounts, health & safety, pupil progress and the quality of the education at our school. My most recent additional role was as the Communications link Governor where I have supported in both the re-design of the new school website, and in understanding the impact of the IT ransomware attack. I would love the opportunity to continue supporting our school in similar ways, working as a team with staff and Governors to deliver the best educational experience for our children.

It’s really important that parents feel engaged with the school and Governing board, and if I was re-elected I would work with the other parent Governor to develop the best ways of understanding and voicing our parent community.


Name : Mrs Alex Cornell

Candidate’s Statement: https://vimeo.com/552429239

I have two children at the school in Reception and Year 3. My youngest will be at this school for the next 6 years and during the working week will spend more waking time with his teachers than with me. Because of that, I want this school to excel, not just academically, but as a place that children enjoy coming to. I want to do all that I can to help the staff and parents to achieve that.

Prior to moving here, I was the Head of Operations and Finance at a school in Shrewsbury. This involved running the catering, cleaning, maintenance, finance, grounds, buildings, and office staff. I was also the Clerk to the Board of Governors, acting as the liaison between the School and the Governors and running all Governors’ meetings. This has given me a great insight into the intimate workings of running a school, but also into what makes a good Governor.

Before settling in Bristol I also had 18 years of service with the military and understand the challenges that military life brings to the military community of Emerson’s Green: moving house and school multiple times and having a parent deploy overseas. It makes being part of a great school like Mangotsfield even more important.

I much prefer to get my hands dirty than to stand back and watch. I intend to give this school everything that I have to offer. I have experienced both good and bad schools and similarly, effective and ineffective Governors. I want to support the staff and parents of the school so that it continues to be one of the best primary schools in the area and will dedicate my time to being a proactive and effective school Governor.


Name : Dr. Nazia Hussein

Candidate’s Statement: https://vimeo.com/552432147

I would like to be considered for the Parent Governor role based on my a) over 10 years’ experience in education b) leadership in innovative pedagogy particularly around decolonising curriculum and design and implementation of inclusive pedagogy and c) leadership and activism in equality, diversity and inclusion around access to opportunities including access to education.

I am currently a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Bristol. Other than teaching on gender, race and religion to undergraduate and postgraduate students my role includes the following responsibilities:  Program Director of the Foundation in Arts, Social Sciences and Law which enables non-traditional students gain access to higher education and the Widening Participation Lead whereby I work with local schools and colleges on outreach activities to create a diverse student community at the University of Bristol. I have been teaching in higher education since 2010 in prominent universities like University of Warwick and London School of Economics (LSE). I have over 10 years’ experience in higher education which has developed my experience of educational administration, course development and coordination. My experience in educational management and program leadership will enable me to collect and present parents’ perspectives to the governing board at Mangotsfield Primary and ensure that the board’s decisions and policies are appropriately explained and disseminated to the school community in an accessible manner. I hope to work closely with PTA and other parents’ groups to elicit parents’ views and provide feedback to the school community.

I am committed to teaching innovation enables me to see beyond the present situation and employ “blue sky thinking” so that we can focus on how to improve things at Mangotsfield Primary and how we can prepare our students for the best outcomes as they move onto secondary education and further education in the future. I was particularly impressed by the introduction of the new curriculum in EYFS and hope to contribute to the governing body’s evaluation and policies around teaching innovation particularly around diversive and inclusive teaching practices in the future. I am committed to encourage curriculum that creates active and curious learners who are aware of their school community but also the wider community in their neighbourhoods and how they are positioned in the city and the world. I want to promote the importance of healthy body and healthy mind, particularly around different learning needs and challenges.

My leadership and activism around race, gender and religion and my work with local community organisations enables me to encourage diversity and equality of voices on the board so that all members of the school feel included. I am committed to authentic pedagogy and inclusive teaching environment which can reassure parents that I will speak up for their children and that my priority is to nurture ALL Mangotsfield’s pupils in their individual learning journeys and to support them to prepare for their futures.

In order to fulfil the responsibilities of my role I am happy to take any training to further develop my skills to be an effective parent governor.

My daughter, Iman Chowdhury, is in Apple class in reception and I would really appreciate the opportunity to be involved in supporting the school and its pupils in striving to remain an outstanding school that is also inclusive and innovative in its pedagogy.


Name : Sophie Crowley

Candidate’s Statement: https://vimeo.com/552432523

I welcome the opportunity to apply for the position of Parent Governor. My daughter is in Year 1 and is happy and thriving at Mangotsfield. I would see it as an honour and a privilege to serve on the governing board.

I work for a Bristol based charity, Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, which has community at its heart. I work with the small team to enrich its future for the benefit of the surrounding community. I build relationships with the wide range of people who visit the site and with the local groups we collaborate with. The role involves being future-focused and seeking feedback on an ongoing basis and through an annual survey to help inform our direction.

I previously worked with the national charity Marie Curie for several years. There, I was responsible for writing and producing online and print materials to support staff and volunteers, and engaging with them for feedback, input and collaboration. There are so many different ways to elicit feedback and cascade information – newsletters, website, e-bulletins, online surveys, social media, private WhatsApp groups, face-to face. How to communicate with the parent community at Mangotsfield may depend on the situation and the information required. I would learn from experience – both my own and others.

In both job roles, analysing data to measure results is a key part of planning and evaluation.

I have always been interested in children’s wellbeing. Several years ago, I volunteered with a children’s services charity which worked with traumatised children in a residential setting with the goal of improving their life chances. Since having my own children, I have read with interest about child development and try to be a respectful and mindful parent (although don’t always succeed!).

I am particularly interested in pupil wellbeing, literacy and curriculum, but would be committed to contributing across the board in whatever way I can. Likewise, I am committed to undertake training and personal development in order to fulfil the role to the best of my ability. I try to be a friendly and inclusive parent in the playground and would do my best to take this spirit into the role of Parent Governor.

There are different categories of school governor. To give clarity and help you cast your vote for our new PARENT governor, please read the following information:

 Parent governor role 

  • Have the wellbeing of the school as your prime consideration
  • Act as representatives, not delegates, of the school’s parent body
  • Develop strategies, in consultation with the Headteacher and the chair of governors, that enable you to gain the views of parents and report back to them
  • Take a particular interest in ensuring effective communication between the GB and parents and also the school and parents
  • Ensure the GB manages its accountability to parents effectively
  • Ensure that matters of individual or collective parental concern are handled according to policy by staff, the Headteacher, the Chair or the GB

 Local authority governor role 

  • Have the wellbeing of the school as your prime consideration
  • Act as a representative, not a delegate, of the LA
  • Seek to know and understand the LA’s education policies and have views about their impact on the school
  • In consultation with the GB, make sure the LA is aware of matters relating to its policies as they affect local schools
  • In consultation with the GB, consider wider issues of education in the area
  • Take a particular interest on behalf of the GB in the services provided by or made available to the school by the LA and relate this to considerations of Best Value
  • Contribute to effective links between the LA and the school

 Foundation Governor role 

  • Have the wellbeing of the school as your prime consideration
  • Preserve the distinctiveness of the school through its aims, policies and practice
  • Be aware of the distinctive responsibilities of foundation schools and their GBs: for example, regarding staff, admissions and premises
  • Ensure you and the GB are aware of issues relating to the church or foundation

 Co-opted governor role 

  • Have the wellbeing of the school as your prime consideration
  • Use your knowledge of the wider community to inform the decisions of the GB
  • Promote the school in the wider community
  • Use your knowledge, skills and interests for the school’s benefit

Voting is now open: please cast your vote using the online link found here https://surveyhero.com/c/f6308b2b. Should you wish to vote using a paper voting slip, these can be obtained (one per parent up to a maximum of 2 per family) from the school office. The vote closes on Wednesday 26th May.