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Mangotsfield Primary School

Religious Education (RE)

At Mangotsfield CofE Primary School our pupils learn about the Christian faith through our agreed resource: ‘Understanding Christianity’.  

Our aim is for our learners to develop their own thinking and understanding of Christianity, as a contribution to their understanding of the world and their own experience within it. As a church school, the main focus of our RE curriculum is Christianity (60%). However, we also reflect on and celebrate festivals from other faiths and cultures inline with the locally agreed RE syllabus. This is to ensure that all children develop an understanding of the multi-faith society we live in. Our pupils are engaged with activities such as drama, art, debates, outdoor exploration & still time, which allow them to gain a deeper understanding of Christian belief and practice. They explore the significant theological concepts within Christianity as part of developing their wider religious, theological and cultural literacy. 

Each RE unit has an enquiry focus which are covered over a two year period. In the second year of each enquiry, our learners 'dig deeper' to answer questions in greater depth with more complex themes that build upon previous learning. 

RE within the curriculum:

  • All RE units have a linked text which is studied within reading lessons to promote discussion and a shared understanding of vocabulary.
  • Each unit culminates in the enquiry questions being answered through cross-curricular activities such as extended writing or art opportunities (or both).
  • Historical units throughout school take account of the profound influence of religion upon human activities throughout time.
  • Geographical units throughout school explore the relationship between people and the natural environment including the effects of people's beliefs and places of worship.