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Mangotsfield Primary School



At Mangotsfield, we value music as creative, collaborative, celebratory and challenging. We believe in the power of music to bring us together through singing; ensemble or band playing; exploring new pieces, composers and genres from around the world; and experimenting with the creative process.

We want to give children the opportunity to experience the joy of music. We believe music can feed the soul of our school; connect us with our wider community; enrich the lives of individual students and strengthen the shared bonds of trust which join us together as a fantastic school. We will use music to foster an ever deeper relationship with our church and faith communities, enhancing and celebrating our connection with St James Church.

Throughout their time at Mangotsfield, our students will learn to love music through singing, listening, composing and performing. We believe musical concepts should be experienced first before being explained clearly, then reinforced with focussed and committed practice. Music will be enjoyed and embodied first, then explained and put into context through the appropriate use of terminology and notation.


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